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Offering Professional and Relaxing Massage Therapy for Patients in Fredericton

Massage therapy treatments in Fredericton are a great way for patients to seek relief from painful discomfort whether it’s a sports injury or a motor vehicle injury, our experienced team at Advanced Therapeutic Treatment Center, is here to help and alleviate your pain. We perform a high grade of professionalism combined with a blend of skillful techniques to get the right aches and pain out of the way.


We work with clients needing treatment for a range of situations, symptoms and conditions, including:

Back/Neck Pain
Massage therapy is used to relieve muscle tension, spasms and inflammation from your back or neck. Massage promotes blood circulation and increases tissue elasticity to help with the stiffness and pain. Depending on your problem area, our massage therapists may perform localized massage—focusing on one part, your lower back or neck.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Massage therapy helps ease the inflammation, pain and numbness caused from carpal tunnel by softening and increasing the skin collagen elasticity from the neck, shoulder, upper arm elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. Our massage therapists will perform a deep tissue massage and target certain trigger points in order to release the tension.

You can manage fibromyalgia pain through the power of massage therapy. Some types of massage including, myofascial release, Swedish and shiatsu are known to be helpful.

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches like severe migraines, tension headaches or as a result from a head injury from an accident, our therapists can help ease the discomfort by decreasing the occurrence of the headaches through massage. We can relax and ease certain pressure points to help reduce muscle spasms in the neck, shoulders, and head.

Joint Stiffness
Patients suffering from arthritis and joint stiffness can benefit from massage to help control pain, increase joint motion and improve muscle and tendon flexibility while also increasing blood flow to areas. Swedish massage provides good pressure for patients dealing with joint stiffness as it allows them to fully relax while relieving their pain.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
If you’ve been in an automobile accident, it’s of great benefit for you and your body to seek massage therapy. At our clinic, we will address the injury and provide treatment that will lessen your stress that often goes with a traumatic event like a car accident, and help address any sprains, strains, neck pain and any other common injuries found in motor vehicle accidents. We can help reduce the pain, swelling, improve circulation, improve your range of motion and reduce your stress.

Muscle Pain
Any type of muscle pain that you experience can be reduced through massage therapy. When muscles are overused, the tissues in our bodies tend to bind and disturb other tissues, like nerves. In order to function properly, they need to be able to move freely. Our team can address your muscle pain by increasing the blood flow and improving muscle flexibility. We can loosen those tissues so they can start moving normally again.

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is a common condition in adults, since it’s one of the leading causes of foot and heel pain. Massage therapy can help relieve pain and focus on relieving the inflammation while promoting healing from the muscle tears, and strengthening the flexibility in the area. Deep tissue massage would be applied to certain pressure points such as, Achilles heel, fascia and calf muscles in order to release muscle tension and help improve blood pressure.

• Postural Deviations/Sprains and Strains

Massage therapy provides an effective method to address concerns of strains and sprains. We can help patients feel relief by massaging the problem area to help bring inflammation, heat, redness and swelling down. Our team can help relieve your pain quicker by putting in place massage techniques that will help promote mobility and ultimately reduce pain.

• Sports Injuries
Designed to enhance your athletic performance and help with fatigue and pain, we provide massage therapies like deep tissue and trigger point release to help you recover from injuries. We cater our specific treatments to your needs in order to get you back to your normal and healthy self again.

Relaxation Massage
A gentle massage therapy is perfect to help alleviate stress-related conditions such as, high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, or those who are having trouble sleeping. Our slow and gentle massage techniques will help guide your nervous system into a state of complete ease. You will feel nourished and relaxed, allowing you to feel complete and ready to take anything.

Our massage therapists will address your tendinitis problems with either a good deep tissue massage or a sports massage. Tendinitis can result in your joint “locking up”. Massage therapy works to loosen your tissues and prevent them from clogging your muscle fibers. We can help provide relief by reducing inflammation and eliminating the scar tissue in your tendons.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)
Any patients suffering from TMJ can benefit from massage therapy. We can help lessen the pain and ease TMJ symptoms such as, your jaw, face, and neck stiffness. We understand how painful it can be which is why we will take care of our patients by treating certain trigger points and use massage techniques that will help ease the stress and tension in your problem areas.

• Workplace/Repetitive Strains
When we our muscles, nerves and tendons become irritated and inflamed, as a result from trauma and overuse, it becomes difficult to do simple daily tasks. Let our massage therapists be the ones to help alleviate your pain by breaking down scar tissue and reduce the adhesions of affected tendons. Massage therapy helps speed up the recovery process and help you prevent future injury.

Cupping Massage
Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine where we place special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. This therapy helps with pain management, inflammation, promotes blood flow, and relaxes your body.

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