Pregnancy and Infant Care

Pregnancy, labour and delivery can be particularly stressful times for a woman and her body, so we offer services particular to this major life event.

Pregnancy and labour support and doula services are intended to help women and their families receive the support and advocacy they need during this important period. A doula (Greek for “a woman who serves”) is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support for mothers at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Doulas can be instrumental in making sure that a woman’s wishes are carried out during the birthing process, and they can help relay information to and from doctors and nurses during labour and delivery so a mother and her partner or other support person can focus on the birth.

Instruction in infant massage is offered for parents and caregivers who want to deepen the bonds they have with their babies. Infant massage is recognized as a way to promote an infant’s development and attachment to his/her caregivers, and it helps parents/caregivers become more aware of the baby’s individual responses and needs.

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